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Unwanted skin pigmentation like sunspots or age spots are often embarrassing blemishes on otherwise beautiful skin. The medical aesthetics providers at Rancho Wellness Aesthetics in Rancho Cucamonga, California offer PicoSure® laser treatments that can finally erase unwanted skin pigmentation easily. The extra pigment is harmlessly broken up for natural elimination from the body. Thanks to the PicoSure laser, your skin can look smooth and glowing again.

Pigmentation FAQ

How does the PicoSure laser work for pigmentation removal?

The PicoSure laser employs powerful light based technology to deliver picosecond long bursts (one trillionth of one second each) directly into the skin pigmentation. This laser light can effectively break apart pigmentation such as age spots, liver spots, sun spots, freckles, pigmented scars, and pigmented stretch marks. With the pigmentation broken up, it will then leave the body naturally just like natural waste products do.

How does PicoSure pigmentation removal compare with other options?

PicoSure is a far more effective method of pigmentation removal than older lasers. The PicoSure breaks the pigment into microscopic particles with a dust-like consistency. This allows for the easiest possible absorption and elimination from the body. Older lasers break the pigment apart into much larger particles that are harder for the body to absorb and eliminate. PicoSure also offers faster pigmentation removal than older lasers do. While older lasers may have been able to remove only a portion of the sun spots or other hyperpigmentation, the PicoSure laser can remove it entirely.

How many pigmentation removal sessions are needed?

This varies by patient and by the amount and depth of the pigmentation. The medical aesthetics providers at Rancho Wellness Aesthetic are happy to evaluate your sun spots, melasma, or other pigmentation to create a customized treatment plan that will give you the results you need. Most patients require multiple sessions for optimal results. Treatments are typically scheduled around four to six weeks apart. This allows your body enough time to absorb the particles of pigment and then eliminate them between sessions.

How can you care for your skin after treatment?

Aftercare is quite simple, and there is no downtime needed at all for pigmentation removal with PicoSure because no heat is used. The Rancho Wellness Aesthetic will smooth a soothing lotion on the area of pigmentation following treatment. Avoid sun exposure, including tanning beds, after PicoSure treatment. If you must be out in the sun, use high SPF sun block to avoid the development of new pigmentation.

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